Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers Kingsport TN

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers® in Kingsport TN is a family-owned and operated, full-service oil change, tire store, and automotive repair shop specializing in a wide range of services to address your preventative maintenance and automotive repair needs.


Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers® offers a number of tire services and tire repairs with the same convenience of our other express services. A certified technician can provide specialized advice and recommendations on the right tire for your driving needs.

Tire Repair

At Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers®, we care about you and your family’s safety, which is why we recommend that flat or damaged tires be repaired by qualified personnel. An improperly repaired tire may fail when driven at high speeds, causing loss of vehicle control.

Any puncture or injury to a tire will affect its performance, and proper tire repair is critical to your vehicle’s operation. If you have any questions regarding your tires’ condition, we’ll be happy to inspect them for you. Almost any sharp object in the road can cause a flat tire. Depending on the overall condition of the tire, we may be able to repair tire tread punctures up to ¼” in diameter.

Tire Services

Having your tires serviced regularly helps to maintain their longevity and to ensure your safety on the road.  We have tire engineers who are qualified to rotate and balance your tires. Please note:  Alignments are available at our W Stone Drive location only

Tire Sales

Our auto tire sales are another reason to let Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers® help with your tire needs. Our shops have competitive pricing on quality tires, including: Michelin, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, Cordovan, Hankook, Pirelli, and Maxxis. Other brands may be available upon request. Give us a call in advance to inquire.  

Remember, you need new tires if:

  • you can see three or more tread wear indicators around the tire
  • cord or fabric is showing through the rubber
  • the tread or sidewall is cracked, cut, or snagged deep enough to show the cord or fabric
  • the tire has a bulge or split
  • the tire has a puncture, cut, or other damage that can’t be repaired

Tire Maintenance Tips

Use these tips to help increase the life of your tires and your vehicle.

-Maintain proper tire inflation. Every month, tires lose up to 1 pound per square inch (psi), and cold weather can also decrease psi. The wear from low tires decreases their longevity. Keeping tires at the recommended level of inflation can help you get better gas mileage.

-Regularly rotate your tires according to your manufacturer’s specifications, which is every 6,000 miles or every other oil change. We can help you figure out what is best for you, and keep you on the recommended schedule.

-Inspect your tires for bulges, cracks, and uneven wear. These may be indicators of larger problems with your vehicle, and finding them early can help us catch and repair them before too much damage is done.

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