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CV Axle

All front-wheel-drive vehicles use Constant Velocity (CV) joints in the two front axles that transfer power from the transmission to the wheels. These joints allow the wheels to turn and bounce while the transmission remains stationary. The CV joints allow the axles to bend and change in length to compensate for the bounce of the wheels.

Over time, wear and tear of the joints can lead to failure as the boots protecting the joints split and let contaminants in. The grease keeping the joints protected can fall through the cracks and cause the joint to overheat, damaging the complex balls and grooves of the CV joints.

CV Axle warning signs:

  • Sounds such as rattling, clickling or popping during turns
  • Vibration during low acceleration
  • Grease on the inside of wheels

The best time to have the CV axles checked is during an oil change. At Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers, our pit technicians can easily perform a visual inspection of the CV axles for wear while the vehicle is over the oil change pit.

Certified technicians at Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers® peform reliable CV axle replacement for almost all vehicles. Speak with a certified technician for more information if this service has been recommended based on inspection of your vehicle’s axles or if you are experiencing any of the CV axle warning signs.

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